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The Wrath of God Reserved against that Day!

God's Wrath Revealed in the Day Of Judgement Against Ungodly Men!First, lets define wrath!Definition of Wrath taken from Merriam Webster  1 : strong vengeful anger or indignation2 : retributory

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Idleness of the hands ~ Ecclesiastes 10:18

 Idleness of the Hands Ecclesiastes 10:18  By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.An Exhortation to labor1

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Witches and so called Liberal Christians, Satan at Work!

Praying against National LeadersThousands of Witches  gathered at 11:59 on Oct 25th 2019 for a 'Binding Spell' Against the  President, Donald Trump. Liberal “Christians” Planned “National

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Reprobates offended at the Truth! Removed from the Gospel

Quick Navigation Reprobates are always offended by Truth! Here it comes!So, Here comes the offense!How to love the Father without Offense.Beware of the Wolves, there are an Offense to the Gospel

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Demonic Activity in Progress Satan in Control

Quick Navigation Satanic Activity in theEarthThe Children of SatanSatan allowed to tempt Jesus!Demonic Possession​​​​​Powers of the Air and Spiritual WickednessSatan the Deceiver Satanic

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Podcast Page of Truth

  Podcast on the Law of Moses vs the Grace of Jesus Christ!

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Jesus our High Priest ~ Entering into God’s rest ~ What does it mean?

Jesus our High Priest ~ Entering into God’s rest ~ What does it mean?How is Jesus our High Priest?  What does it mean, Jesus the Apostle? How do we enter into Gods rest? Quick Navigation Jesus

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Subversives ~ The Subverting of the Soul

Quick Navigation Subversives ~The subversion of ones soul!The subversion of the GentilesStopping the SubversionThe Carnal Law Subverts ones soul Subversives ~The subversion of ones soul!​Definition

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Scriptures on Tithing The False Teachings

In this article titled, Scriptures on Tithing, we will be discussing much! One of those topics will be how the modern day church "grows money"I remember my parents when we would ask for something extravagant

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