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Should Christians Dine with Unbelievers?

Is it scriptural for a Christian to dine with unbelievers?This is a question I hear a lot and there is a lot of confusion associated with it. The reason being, people are not taught scripture but the customs

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The Tabernacle of God in the Earth!

Where Does God Tabernacle in the Earth?You cannot mimic men and be successful in the Kingdom agenda!Following men will make you complacent and content in your knowledge of Jesus!Psalms 118:8  It

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The Beatitudes Explained ~ Jesus Teaching

The Beatitudes Explained as Jesus teaching from the Mount. The Beatitudes Explained ~ Jesus Teaching on the Mount  There are many who need the Beatitudes explained to them for a lack of reading material,

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Psalms 2 Sermon for the Weary

Psalms 2 Why do the heathen rage? In this time we are living in we see more and more people becoming angrier and angrier! Politics are getting out of control as parties square off against each other with

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How to be Blessed – Blessed is the man who,..

How to be blessed! How to be blessed is a question many people ask and rightly so!  It is a foolish man who does not want to be among the blessed of the Lord of creation!  It is His blessings that bring

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