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How You Can Focus On God Today

Quick Navigation How To Focus On God In Time Of CrisisGetting Rid Of IdolsThe Idol Of A False Identity One of the most asked questions I hear in this time of crisis is, "How Can I Focus On God"?  

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Hebrews Chapter 1: Part 2 The Person of the Son

Part 2, The Person of the Son.As we continue this chapter we may have one or two more parts in order to keep the reading short enough to finish at one sitting.  I know most folks have responsibilities

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Hebrews Chapter:1 The Person of The Son!

Introduction to Hebrews:     In order for us to understand what the writer is trying to communicate to the Hebrews and to get better understanding of the person of the Son, we must first

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Submit yourself unto God, Resist the Devil

Submit yourself unto God, Resist the Devil and he will flee from you! Quick Navigation Submitting Yourself Unto God is the Key!Submitting ourselves to God, what does it mean?Preparation for

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Godly Leadership How To Know It

Godly Leadership following the Teaching of Scripture     When we are considering Godly Leadership, whether it be ourselves or others, we always need to go to the scripture to weigh the teachings. 

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A Deceitful Heart an Unruly Evil

     I would like to tell every one that the heart is full of goodness and that you can always follow your heart!  At one time in my life I no doubt believed this but as I grew older,

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The Wrath of God Reserved against that Day!

God's Wrath Revealed in the Day Of Judgement Against Ungodly Men!First, lets define wrath!Definition of Wrath taken from Merriam Webster  1 : strong vengeful anger or indignation2 : retributory

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Idleness of the hands ~ Ecclesiastes 10:18

 Idleness of the Hands Ecclesiastes 10:18  By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.An Exhortation to labor1

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Witches and so called Liberal Christians, Satan at Work!

Praying against National LeadersThousands of Witches  gathered at 11:59 on Oct 25th 2019 for a 'Binding Spell' Against the  President, Donald Trump. Liberal “Christians” Planned “National

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