The Kingdom Message

Fruit of the Spirit is Joy, unspeakable!

The Fruit of the Spirit is Joy If the fruit of the Spirit is Joy, then we should be joyous people!   When addressing the fruit of the Spirit we have to consider that this is a singular word and not

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The Fruit of the Spirit, The Fruit of Love.

The first fruit that the scripture attributes to the Spirit is the Fruit of Love!  This being the case, we as Christians should certainly be found showing love for humankind! The Fruit of Love  In the

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Fruit of the Spirit, what is it?

The Fruit of the Spirit So, what is the “Fruit of the Spirit”? Frist lets remember it is fruit as singular and not fruits as plural. All these following characteristics are a single character of the

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The Holy Spirit, our Spiritual Advisor

  What is a Spiritual Advisor? At some time in our lives, we will all need a spiritual advisor! So, as Christians, we at some time in our Christian walk will need a spiritual adviser. What is a Spiritual

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What is Water Baptism, is it necessary

What is the significance of Water Baptism or Baptism by Water? This is the command about water baptism that Jesus left with His disciples just before He went back to the Father. Matthew 28:18-20 (KJV) 18 And

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List of Spiritual Gifts and Offices

THE LIST OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS REVEALED AND EXAMPLES OF THE GIFTS AND OFFICES OF THE EKKLESIA   Spiritual Gifts vary from individual to individual! These gifts are many times given to people before

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